Sunday, April 11, 2010

after a morning bike lock debachle, i biked to common ground meditation center, my favorite spirituality hub, even though i was doomed to be half an hour late. i missed the meditation, but was just in time for the dharma talk, which, fittingly enough, was on determination and being resolute.

i was unexpectedly taken out to breakfast at the seward cafe, a collectively owned and run restaurant with an emphasis on local, organic, sustainable food. i am now officially in love with the place. anywhere that has a free box and a hand-drawn menu gives me palpitations. i had a gluten-free, vegan rice-millet-corn pancake with blueberries, tahini, and maple syrup! a highly allergic girl's dream come true! hibiscus tea is the ideal drink for a warm, sunny, delicious spring day.

today was so phenomenal that i'm tempted to write about the whole thing. but that would defeat the purpose of the word "best," so that's all i've got.

until tomorrow!

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