Thursday, April 8, 2010

starting strong with a tie

1) you know those enormous corrugated drainage pipes that run underneath little bridges? today i explored one in minnehaha park. i sat inside of the pipe on one end while my friend sat inside of the pipe on the other side. we had an in-depth (and resonant!) conversation from about 50 feet apart. it was like living inside of a tin can telephone!

2) i shook my tail feathers at hipshaker, the monthly old school soul/obscure r&b/funkity funk dance party at the kitty cat klub in dinkytown, which resembles a maze of thrift store-furnished living rooms and intimate conversation nooks; it's worth visiting for its decor alone. the crowd was full of earnest, good-time ass-shakers who were not afraid to get down. i danced my wild and crazy heart out and was in good company. and it was free!

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